About TeamMiri

Teammiri with brilliant experiences in sporting activities has been stablished in Iran and Canada since several years ago. A collection that has got the reputation for employing a team of experts and people with their own method in modeling, bodybuilding, branding and providing valid food and medicine supplements in the country.

In the Teammiri family, with the presence of the most outstanding trainer in the country, Mohsen Miri, we are finding talent among Iranian and Canadian youth, and today, after gaining years of successful experience in Iran and Canada, we continue our activities on a wider scale in all countries. Our goal at Teammiri is to discover talent in all areas of bodybuilding, martial arts and modeling among all teenagers and young people in Iran and Canada, and our next step is to select talented models and people across international borders.

In the Teammiri association, with the direct and constant supervision of Mr. Mohsen Miri, we conduct detailed studies and talent identification among men and women, and introduce the selected individuals to prominent domestic and international brands. In the Teammiri family, our activity provides you all dear ladies and gentlemen with entire disciplines of bodybuilding, martial arts, as well as modeling with the most professional sporting methods.

Also, under the supervision of one of the professional trainers in Iran and Canada, we have expanded our professional activity to individual consultations in the system of training programs and offering specialized diets. Satisfaction and trust in Mohsen Miri is from a brilliant, long-term experience as well as professional activities in the field of bodybuilding, modeling and martial arts, which bring beginners to professional levels with accurate and purposeful programs. The trust that has been gained from providing effective programs to ladies and gentlemen and your satisfaction, dear audience.

Mohsen Miri, as one of the capable coaches and trainers of Iran and Canada, is trying to gather an expert and professional team with his accurate evaluations. Therefore, in the near future, we will see new branches of Teammiri in Iran, Canada and other countries. Our effort at Teammiri is to provide the best services and the most professional advice to beginners or professionals in order to find talent and success in personal life. Your dreams are no longer just dreams!!